Adventure Trekkers provides you, our friends and friends of friends, a way to join in planning and organizing affordable mountain biking, hiking and canyoneering adventures. By choosing a trip and promoting it to your friends and our network it will be up to you to gaurantee your adventure. Also, by taking part in and helping out at camp, you can reduce the cost of your trip because there won't be any paid guides. We will help you to create the trip of your dreams and even help you fill it with enough people to bring the cost down if you have an idea for a custom trip and just need some help bringing it to reality. Although Adventure Trekkers is not a commercial outfitter or tour guide, it is run with the professionalism and competence of a one. We are skilled trip leaders and guides with years of desert experience well trained in first aid and enthusiastic about sharing this beautiful landscape with you and your friends.



Blue Monkey smallAdventure Trekkers is a mountain biking travel co-op managed by Rick Pratt and Josh Gerak. Since 1985 Adventure Trekkers has been taking friends (and friends of friends,) on some of the most awe inspiring mountain biking and hiking there is in the southern Utah area.

Our Goal in this venture is to bring together people with similar interests without incurring the high cost of typical adventure vacations. Our incentive is not money but the opportunity to share this awe inspiring and fragile area with you and your friends while teaching people a low impact approach to enjoying and exploring the region. The great thing is that we get to go along!

We are not a commercial outfitter or guiding operation in the sense that we are not trying to make money with this venture and do not attempt to compete with “real” tour operators.  What Josh & Rick want is to be able to live out their passion of exploring the landscape of Utah with other people. We love to organize trips and are great logistions.

If you and your friends want to explore some amazing parts of the Utah landscape and want some help organizing it… we should talk.  Though this is not a commercial venture for us we do have more than 25 years navigating and exploring SE Utah.  We both have wilderness first aid training with Rick holding a current Wilderness First Responder.  What that means is that though we are not commercial guides we are never-the-less qualified to be guides.

If we get to organize one or two trips a year we are thrilled.  If we get to do so with you… even the better.


The “Blue Monkey” embodies the spirit of Adventure Trekkers and the MMBA. These people have demonstrated a lust for life and a desire to go beyond the artificial barriers placed before them. The people on the list below are unique and fascinating people who have learned that life is theirs for the taking. Each year we honor all “Blue Monkey’s” by selecting from our guests the next person who demonstrates their ability to write their own life story. It might surprise you to know what we believe qualifies you to become a “Blue Monkey”. This is not about testosterone or physical fitness our biking prowess.

Go to the BLUE MONKEY page to see who has earned this coveted award.

This is about YOU Living YOUR LIFE !

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