Moab Mountain Bike Adventure

Moab Mountain Bike Adventure – MMBA

Moab Mountain Bike Adventure – MMBA
Every year more and more people attend this desert gathering from all over the planet. Why? Moab is to mountain biking what Hawaii is to surfing!

Cost: $495 ($445 for past Adventure Trekkers attendees.)
Dates: May 15– 19, 2024 (Most people will arrive on Tuesday night May 14)

Note: This is the one and only regularly scheduled adventure trip we lead. This is the adventure you want to attend to meet our network of desert adventurers and to make new friends. This trip is always in May which is the most stable weather window in the high desert. Contact us for details.


This is our most popular group camping trip. This trip uses and established base camp to explore the famous trails which include the Slickrock Trail, Klondike Bluffs area, Porcupine Rim, Navajo Rocks and Amasa Back to name a few. Ride with new friends on of many group rides or hikes (yes there are hikes) that are offered each day, or explore one of the several National Parks or Canyons on you own. Optional nature hikes, river plunges, fossil expeditions and day trips to explore amazing and unique geology are but a few of the activities that round our this great adventure.

Camping spots, water, toilets and savory food preparation by our desert gourmet chefs is provided. Solar showers are also provided at the camp every day. You provide your own transportation to and from the rides which are accessible with any automobile. Carpooling is encouraged. Many rides start from camp. Our campsite and all biking and hiking activities take place on Utah State public lands for which we obtain a permit.

Music, games, drum circles and other group activities are available and encouraged and take place nightly around our large bonfire. Most years we also build a 10 person sweat lodge. The adventure is suited for beginning to advanced riders. Hikers, climber, rafters and kayakers are also welcome and often organized depending on the desires of our attendees.

It is important to note that this trip is NOT A GUIDED experience. There are too many people, too many options, and too much territory for the rides to be “guided” in an official sense. However, we post several rides and hikes daily and you can feel comfort in knowing that if you are a novice rider, we will be able to give you special attention, direct you to a suitable ride or hike with others, and help with gauging your ability to the activities. But ultimately you are responsible for yourself.

Make A Payment

Please click the link below to pay for your trip. You will be directed to a PayPal link where you can also use a credit card to pay. You will need to determine the correct amount to pay by looking at the pricing for “your specific trip” on the corresponding trip page. If you are unsure of what your costs are please contact us via the email you received.  Please note that if you are a past attendee there may be a discount for you also shown on the Trips page.

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