The Ancients Ruins Bike Adventure

The Ancients Ruins Bike Adventure – ARBA

The Ancients Ruins Bike Adventure is a 6 DAY day ride with side hiking trips through Bear’s Ears National Monument, the former stomping grounds of the Ancestral Puebloans, formerly known as the Anasazi, who left a mysterious heritage of ancient cliff dwellings.

We move camp three times during this trip and each day we cycle to a different trailhead to view amazing ancient ruins.

Cost: $850 ($100 discount for past attendees)
Dates: Sept 15-21, 2024 – Other dates being considered. Contact us!

Approximately 1250 AD, the Ancient Puebloans suddenly abandoned the region, leaving behind one of archeology’s greatest riddles. On our hikes we will attempt to decipher the Ancient’s mystery first hand by scrutinizing the landscape, visiting preserved ruins, observing the delicate fauna and elusive artifacts (but not removing them).


The Ancient’s Ruins Bike Adventure is a 6 day ride (5 nights) with side hiking trips through the heart of Ancient’s country in the Bear’s Ears National Monument near Blanding, Utah. These Canyonlands are quite possibly one of the most scenic places in the country.

This sag-supported camping and biking adventure takes you across Cedar Mesa and the “Trail of the Ancients” as well as down a portion of the “Morman Trail” where numerous side trips to spectacular but little known Ancient’s ruins are visited. Most of the riding is on rough dirt backroads, perfect for mountain bikes, and the side hikes are short but challenging. Hikes are selected to offer a unique glimpse into the mysterious Ancient’s way of life that flourished in the area over 900 years ago.

Cycling distances range from 10 to 30 miles a day and are by no means easy, in addition to 3-10 miles of hiking as we traverse an area of high plateaus and deep canyons pocketed with ruins and artifacts. Although the emphasis on this adventure is Ancient’s exploration, bicycling will be your mode of transport. A support vehicle is on hand to collect any tired riders and offer a fall back to the long days. You will end each day filled with adventure and tired and hungry.

This is participatory trip offered at a very reasonable price therefore participants should be ready and willing to help pack the truck daily and assist in cooking and cleaning chores. Space is limited by the gear carrying capacity of the sag vehicle and to those fit enough to accomplish this feat. For those with a penchant for archeology and exploring, this will be quite the Ancient’s Ruin Bike Adventure!


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